What folks are saying.

Don Wheeler is proud to have worked with so many fine professionals over the years. Here’s what some of them are saying about Don:

“Don Wheeler made a very strong and positive impact on our project team in Lebanon.  He was the perfect person to help us at a critical time in the project by showing us how to lay out a process for effective planning.  Don is a true professional, yet fun to work with and I look forward to working with him again in the months and years to come.”  Cynthia Steen, International Development Professional

“Don worked for me at Barry University, the Miami Science Museum and Holy Cross Hospital. In my thirty years of experience in non-profit management and advancement, Don is certainly one of the most outstanding professionals that I have ever worked with. He is a consummate team player with superior management, planning and communication skills.” Bill Fenton, Director of Planned Giving, Cross International

“Don Wheeler has the ability to deliver the message however complex it may be, in a simple and easy to grasp way.  He is never reluctant to share his extensive knowledge and it’s a pleasure to work hand-in-hand with him.  I’m confident that Don will always be considered a true leader in any job.”  Ritta Rashed, Agribusiness Development Specialist, Tripoli, Lebanon

“A few of Don Wheeler’s outstanding qualities include: (a) The ability to always think rationally, putting aside all personal likes and dislikes and arriving at scientific conclusions fully based on reason and logic; (b) the ability to work with people of all races, with abundant understanding and sensitivity to all cultures; (c) the ability to listen attentively, making mental notes of all conversations, and subsequent research to validate and sift through information received; and (d) the ability to frame ideas succinctly and communicate them eloquently.  A pleasure to recommend Don Wheeler!” Raj Kappagantula, Lead Programmer Analyst, Tracfone Wireless, Inc.

“I worked with Don to secure resources and policy support for Barry University and he was most effective in that task. In addition to being knowledgeable, skilled and experienced, he brings a wealth of personal attributes to the job. I recommend him without hesitation.” Fausto Gomez, President, Gomez Barker Associates, Inc.

“As a team member, I found Don to be extremely easy to work with. He was always willing to assist the team and its individual members whenever possible. His research and writing skills are exceptional. He is efficient and sets his priorities accordingly.” Frank Casale, Former Executive Director, Schott Communities

“I worked with Don Wheeler at Miami Dade College. I found him to be an effective and proactive professional who worked extremely well with faculty and staff. He is conscientious and attentive to detail, even when under deadline pressure.” Joan Reiss, Senior Development Officer, Research & Prospect Management, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

“Don Wheeler and I have known each other for over twenty years. He is professional, detail oriented, and personally and professionally responsible.  As a very capable planner and administrator with superb analytical abilities, I would work with him again without hesitation.” Paul Hunt, Adjunct Faculty Member, Florida International University and former Senior Services Coordinator, City of Coral Gables

“Don and I have worked together on numerous occasions, both jointly and as supportive colleagues providing insights to strengthen each others grant applications. Don is a true professional with wide-ranging experience, both locally and internationally.” David Skipp, Associate Director for Advancement, College of Arts & Sciences, Florida International University

“I have known Don as a friend, colleague and business associate. He is focused on what he does and manages for outcomes.” Henry Flood, President, Mr. Grants Management, Inc.

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