Diplomacy in Action:
Liberia Justice Administration and Management Support Project

The aim of the new Justice Administration and Management Support (JAMS) project is to build the capacity of Liberia’s Ministry of Justice. Implemented by IBI International, JAMS will be the keystone of the Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs’ engagement with the justice sector in Liberia.

JAMS targets an enduring constraint: A lack of capacity to carry out essential administrative tasks. This deficit impedes the work of the Ministry as well as its constituent organizations.

In partnership with the Ministry, JAMS will identify needs and implement durable solutions. Stronger human and institutional capacity will afford the Ministry with the organization and resources it needs to fulfill its mandate – both now and in the long-term. Illustrative outcomes include:

  • Financial management will allow regular, transparent receipt of funds and ensure that funds are used as budgeted.
  • Human resources will place qualified workers in a rational staffing structure.
  • Effective procurement will provide employees with the supplies and equipment needed to communicate and record their actions.
  • Fleet management will provide employees with well-maintained and fueled vehicles to transport them for their work.
  • Administrative competencies will provide the Ministry with the organization, resources, and human capacity needed to define its strategic direction and work towards its goals.

JAMS will achieve these outcomes by, among other approaches, embedding expert advisors. As always, Don Wheeler is proud to be part of the IBI International team.